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We're taking the summer off to bring some new and exciting things to the Bunny Butt lineup, but look for us at our regular haunts (and perhaps more!) in the fall.
Welcome, gentle shopper. You've reached Bunny Butt Apothecary - purveyors of fine hand-crafted soaps, creams, butters, balms, perfumes, and other lovely smelly things. Here at Bunny Butt, we firmly adhere to the principle that everything that goes on your body, goes in your body -- our philosophy: if it's going in there, it better be good! We place a principal focus on natural ingredients, blended with the funnest, most delicious smells we can get our hands on. Because bunny butts smell like a spring meadow, didn't you know?

New things are on the horizon! Our signature "Bunnies Are From Venus" scent is evolving onto an entirely new plane! (Long story short: a crucial supplier of ours went belly-up). Help us say goodbye to the bunnies of the past and make way for their even more spectacularly awesome successors with this LIMITED EDITION GIFT SET, available while stock lasts! You'll get a bar of BAFV soap and a 2oz BAFV Whipped Cream in our signature muslin pouch.

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